Most common First Ladies'

  • This list contains 58 First Ladies ( 57 individuals) including 48 official(47 wives and one niece to president) and 10 acting.
  • Offical First Lady Fances Cleveland has served 2 nonconsecutive terms 23rd & 25th.
  • There are 4 wives who died before their husbands' inauguration are also considered First Ladies by the White House and the National First Ladies' Library.
  • New York has produced the most First Ladies (13). Click "Birth-State Chart" below for more details.
  • June is the month in which most First Ladies are born. December is the least. Click "Birth-Month Chart" below for more details.
  • To view 46 presidents and 48 official First Ladies side by side, please click record_voice_overfacePresidents|Wives.
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Jill Biden
 1. Jill Biden(58th)
  46th.Joe Biden
58th (official 48th)
Melania Trump
 2. Melania Trump(57th)
  45th.Donald Trump
57th (official 47th)
Michelle Obama
 3. Michelle Obama(56th)
  44th.Barack Obama
56th (official 46th)
Laura Bush
 4. Laura Bush(55th)
  43rd.George W. Bush
55th (official 45th)
Hillary Clinton
 5. Hillary Clinton(54th)
  42nd.Bill Clinton
54th (official 44th)
Barbara Bush
 6. Barbara Bush(53rd)
  41st.George H. W. Bush
53rd (official 43rd)
Nancy Reagan
 7. Nancy Reagan(52nd)
  40th.Ronald Reagan
52nd (official 42nd)
Rosalynn Carter
 8. Rosalynn Carter(51st)
  39th.Jimmy Carter
51st (official 41st)
Betty Ford
 9. Betty Ford(50th)
  38th.Gerald Ford
50th (official 40th)
Pat Nixon
 10. Pat Nixon(49th)
  37th.Richard Nixon
49th (official 39th)
Lady Johnson
 11. Lady Johnson(48th)
  36th.Lyndon B. Johnson
48th (official 38th)
Jacqueline Kennedy
 12. Jacqueline Kennedy(47th)
  35th.John F. Kennedy
47th (official 37th)
Mamie Eisenhower
 13. Mamie Eisenhower(46th)
  34th.Dwight D. Eisenhower
46th (official 36th)
Bess Truman
 14. Bess Truman(45th)
  33rd.Harry S. Truman
45th (official 35th)
Eleanor Roosevelt
 15. Eleanor Roosevelt(44th)
  32nd.Franklin D. Roosevelt
44th (official 34th)
Lou Hoover
 16. Lou Hoover(43rd)
  31st.Herbert Hoover
43rd (official 33rd)
Grace Coolidge
 17. Grace Coolidge(42nd)
  30th.Calvin Coolidge
42nd (official 32nd)
Florence Harding
 18. Florence Harding(41st)
  29th.Warren G. Harding
41st (official 31st)
Edith Wilson
 19. Edith Wilson(40th)
  28th.Woodrow Wilson
40th (official 30th)
Margaret Wilson
 20. Margaret Wilson(39th)
  28th.Woodrow Wilson
39th (acting)
Ellen Wilson
 21. Ellen Wilson(38th)
  28th.Woodrow Wilson
38th (official 29th)
Helen Taft
 22. Helen Taft(37th)
  27th.William Howard Taft
37th (official 28th)
Edith Roosevelt
 23. Edith Roosevelt(36th)
  26th.Theodore Roosevelt
36th (official 27th)
Ida McKinley
 24. Ida McKinley(35th)
  25th.William McKinley
35th (official 26th)
Frances Cleveland
 25. Frances Cleveland(34th)
  22nd & 24th.Grover Cleveland
34th (official 25th) &31th (official 23rd)
Mary Harrison
 26. Mary Harrison(33rd)
  23rd.Benjamin Harrison
33rd (acting)
Caroline Harrison
 27. Caroline Harrison(32nd)
  23rd.Benjamin Harrison
32nd (official 24th)
Frances Cleveland
 28. Frances Cleveland(31st)
  22nd & 24th.Grover Cleveland
31st (official 23rd) &34th (official 25th)
Rose Cleveland
 29. Rose Cleveland(30th)
  22nd.Grover Cleveland
30th (acting)
Mary Arthur
 30. Mary Arthur(29th)
  21st.Chester A. Arthur
29th (acting)
Ellen Arthur
 31. Ellen Arthur(28th)
  21st.Chester A. Arthur
* Died 1 yr b4 term starts
28th (official 22nd)
Lucretia Garfield
 32. Lucretia Garfield(27th)
  20th.James A. Garfield
27th (official 21st)
Lucy Hayes
 33. Lucy Hayes(26th)
  19th.Rutherford B. Hayes
26th (official 20th)
Julia Grant
 34. Julia Grant(25th)
  18th.Ulysses S. Grant
25th (official 19th)
Eliza Johnson
 35. Eliza Johnson(24th)
  17th.Andrew Johnson
24th (official 18th)
Mary Lincoln
 36. Mary Lincoln(23rd)
  16th.Abraham Lincoln
23rd (official 17th)
Harriet Buchanan
 37. Harriet Buchanan(22nd)
  15th.James Buchanan
22nd (official 16th)
Jane Pierce
 38. Jane Pierce(21st)
  14th.Franklin Pierce
21st (official 15th)
Abigail Fillmore
 39. Abigail Fillmore(20th)
  13th.Millard Fillmore
20th (official 14th)
Margaret Taylor
 40. Margaret Taylor(19th)
  12th.Zachary Taylor
19th (official 13th)
Sarah Polk
 41. Sarah Polk(18th)
  11th.James K. Polk
18th (official 12th)
Julia Tyler
 42. Julia Tyler(17th)
  10th.John Tyler
17th (official 11th)
Priscilla Tyler
 43. Priscilla Tyler(16th)
  10th.John Tyler
16th (acting)
Letitia Tyler
 44. Letitia Tyler(15th)
  10th.John Tyler
15th (official 10th)
Jane Harrison
 45. Jane Harrison(14th)
  9th.William Henry Harrison
14th (acting)
Anna Harrison
 46. Anna Harrison(13th)
  9th.William Henry Harrison
13th (official 9th)
Angelica Van Buren
 47. Angelica Van Buren(12th)
  8th.Martin Van Buren
12th (acting)
Hannah Van Buren
 48. Hannah Van Buren(11th)
  8th.Martin Van Buren
* Died 18 yrs b4 term starts
11th (official 8th)
Sarah Jackson
 49. Sarah Jackson(10th)
  7th.Andrew Jackson
10th (acting)
Emily Donelson
 50. Emily Donelson(9th)
  7th.Andrew Jackson
9th (acting)
Rachel Jackson
 51. Rachel Jackson(8th)
  7th.Andrew Jackson
* Died 2 mos b4 term starts
8th (official 7th)
Louisa Adams
 52. Louisa Adams(7th)
  6th.John Quincy Adams
7th (official 6th)
Elizabeth Monroe
 53. Elizabeth Monroe(6th)
  5th.James Monroe
6th (official 5th)
Dolley Madison
 54. Dolley Madison(5th)
  4th.James Madison
5th (official 4th)
Martha Jefferson
 55. Martha Jefferson(4th)
  3rd.Thomas Jefferson
4th (acting)
Martha Jefferson
 56. Martha Jefferson(3rd)
  3rd.Thomas Jefferson
* Died 18 yrs b4 term starts
3rd (official 3rd)
Abigail Adams
 57. Abigail Adams(2nd)
  2nd.John Adams
2nd (official 2nd)
Martha Washington
 58. Martha Washington(1st)
  1st.George Washington
1st (official 1st)
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