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  • There are 6 presidents born in November.
  • The most common birth month of presidents are October and November with 6 each.
  • The list common birth month is September. Only president William H. Taft was born in September.
  • The 41st president, George H. W. Bush, was the first president with a birthday in June making it the last month to have a president's birthday.
6 Presidents Born in November Sorted by Birth Date
President Joe Biden
 1  Joe Biden(46th)
Nov 20, 1942
President Warren G. Harding
 2  Warren G. Harding(29th)
Nov 02, 1865
President James A. Garfield
 3  James A. Garfield(20th)
Nov 19, 1831
President Franklin Pierce
 4. Franklin Pierce(14th)
Nov 23, 1804
President James K. Polk
 5. James K. Polk(11th)
Nov 02, 1795
President Zachary Taylor
 6. Zachary Taylor(12th)
Nov 24, 1784
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