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  • There are 5 presidents named James.
  • The most common first name for a U.S. president is James(6), followed by John(4) and then William(3), George(3), Andrew(2) and Franklin(2)
  • All other presidents have unique first names.
  • The 6 presidents with the first name James are James Madison, James Monroe, James Polk, James Buchanan, James Garfield, and James “Jimmy” Carter.
6 Presidents Named James Sorted by Height
President James Monroe
 1  James Monroe(5th)
6'0" 183cm
President James Buchanan
 2  James Buchanan(15th)
6'0" 183cm
President James A. Garfield
 3  James A. Garfield(20th)
6'0" 183cm
President James K. Polk
 4. James K. Polk(11th)
5'8" 173cm
President James Madison
 5. James Madison(4th)
5'4" 163cm
President Jimmy Carter
 6. Jimmy "James" Carter(39th)
177cm (5'10")
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