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  • There are 5 presidents born in New York.
  • The state produced most presidents is Virginia(8), followed by Ohio(7), and New York(5).
  • 22 out of 50 states have produced at least one president.
5 Presidents Born in New York Sorted by Height
President Donald Trump
 1  Donald Trump(45th)
6'3" 191cm
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
 2  Franklin D. Roosevelt(32nd)
6'2" 188cm
President Theodore Roosevelt
 3  Theodore Roosevelt(26th)
5'10" 178cm
President Millard Fillmore
 4. Millard Fillmore(13th)
5'9" 175cm
President Martin Van Buren
 5. Martin Van Buren(8th)
5'6" 168cm
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