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List of Presidents Born in Virginia

  • There are 8 presidents born in Virginia.
  • The state produced most presidents is Virginia(8), followed by Ohio(7), and New York(5).
  • 22 out of 50 states have produced at least one president.
8 Presidents Born in Virginia Sorted by Height
President Thomas Jefferson
 1  Thomas Jefferson(3rd)
6'2" 189cm
President George Washington
 2  George Washington(1st)
6'2" 188cm
President James Monroe
 3  James Monroe(5th)
6'0" 183cm
President John Tyler
 4. John Tyler(10th)
6'0" 183cm
President Woodrow Wilson
 5. Woodrow Wilson(28th)
5'11" 180cm
President Zachary Taylor
 6. Zachary Taylor(12th)
5'8" 173cm
President William Henry Harrison
 7. William Henry Harrison(9th)
5'8" 172cm
President James Madison
 8. James Madison(4th)
5'4" 163cm
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