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From Tallest to Shortest, List of Presidents by Height When They Were Young with Wife

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  • Abraham Lincoln (18th President) was the tallest US President at 6 feet 4 inches, 193 cm.
  • Lyndon B. Johnason (36th President) was the second tallest US President at 6 feet 4 inches, 192 cm.
  • The third tallest US President is Donald Trump (45th President) at 6 feet 3 inches, 191 cm.
  • The shortest was 4th president James Madison at 5 feet 4 inches, 163 cm.
  • The average height of president is 5'11" (180 cm).
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List of Presidents by Height
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President Abraham Lincoln
 1  Abraham Lincoln(16th)
6'4" 193cm
President Lyndon B. Johnson
 2  Lyndon B. Johnson(36th)
6'4" 192cm
President Donald Trump
Credit: Lucien Capehart; GETTY IMAGES
 3  Donald Trump(45th)
6'3" 191cm
President Thomas Jefferson
 4. Thomas Jefferson(3rd)
6'2" 189cm
President George Washington
 5. George Washington(1st)
6'2" 188cm
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Credit: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
 6. Franklin D. Roosevelt(32nd)
6'2" 188cm
President George H. W. Bush
Credit: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
 7. George H. W. Bush(41st)
6'2" 188cm
President Bill Clinton
Credit: Vintage Everyday
 8. Bill Clinton(42nd)
6'2" 188cm
President Andrew Jackson
 9. Andrew Jackson(7th)
6'1" 185cm
President John F. Kennedy
 10. John F. Kennedy(35th)
6'1" 185cm
President Ronald Reagan
Credit: ReaganLibrary
 11. Ronald Reagan(40th)
6'1" 185cm
President Barack Obama
Credit: Twitter@BarackObama
 12. Barack Obama(44th)
6'1" 185cm
President James Monroe
 13. James Monroe(5th)
6'0" 183cm
President John Tyler
Credit: Orbra E. King - Truman Library
 14. John Tyler(10th)
6'0" 183cm
President James Buchanan
Credit: truman library
 15. James Buchanan(15th)
6'0" 183cm
President James A. Garfield
Credit: Western Reserve Historical Society -
 16. James A. Garfield(20th)
6'0" 183cm
President Chester A. Arthur
 17. Chester A. Arthur(21st)
6'0" 183cm
President Warren G. Harding
Credit: Library of Congress
 18. Warren G. Harding(29th)
6'0" 183cm
President Gerald Ford
 19. Gerald Ford(38th)
6'0" 183cm
President Joe Biden
Credit: twitter@jillbiden46
 20. Joe Biden(46th)
6'0" 182cm
President William Howard Taft
Credit: Grateful American Foundation
 21. William Howard Taft(27th)
6'0" 182cm
President Herbert Hoover
 22. Herbert Hoover(31st)
6'0" 182cm
President George W. Bush
Credit: TODAY
 23. George W. Bush(43rd)
6'0" 182cm
President Grover Cleveland
Credit: National Portrait Gallery
 24. Grover Cleveland(24th)
5'11" 180cm
President Woodrow Wilson
Credit: - Stock Montage - Getty Images
 25. Woodrow Wilson(28th)
5'11" 180cm
President Richard Nixon
Credit: Library of Congress
 26. Richard Nixon(37th)
5'11" 180cm
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Credit: Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum
 27. Dwight D. Eisenhower(34th)
5'10" 179cm
President Franklin Pierce
 28. Franklin Pierce(14th)
5'10" 178cm
President Andrew Johnson
Credit: Truman Library
 29. Andrew Johnson(17th)
5'10" 178cm
President Theodore Roosevelt
 30. Theodore Roosevelt(26th)
5'10" 178cm
President Calvin Coolidge
 31. Calvin Coolidge(30th)
5'10" 178cm
President Jimmy Carter
Credit: Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
 32. Jimmy Carter(39th)
5'10" 177cm
President Millard Fillmore
Credit: facebook - Applewood Books
 33. Millard Fillmore(13th)
5'9" 175cm
President Harry S. Truman
Credit: Harry S. Truman Library
 34. Harry S. Truman(33rd)
5'9" 175cm
President Rutherford B. Hayes
Credit: wikipedia
 35. Rutherford B. Hayes(19th)
5'9" 174cm
President James K. Polk
Credit: wikipedia
 36. James K. Polk(11th)
5'8" 173cm
President Zachary Taylor
Credit: Truman Library
 37. Zachary Taylor(12th)
5'8" 173cm
President Ulysses S. Grant
Credit: Library of Congress -
 38. Ulysses S. Grant(18th)
5'8" 173cm
President William Henry Harrison
Credit: Orbra E. King -
 39. William Henry Harrison(9th)
5'8" 172cm
President John Quincy Adams
Credit: Tweeter - triviapotus
 40. John Quincy Adams(6th)
5'7" 171cm
President John Adams
 41. John Adams(2nd)
5'7" 170cm
President William McKinley
Credit: Wm. McKinley Presidential Library and Museum
 42. William McKinley(25th)
5'7" 170cm
President Martin Van Buren
Credit: Library of Congress
 43. Martin Van Buren(8th)
5'6" 168cm
President Benjamin Harrison
Credit: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
 44. Benjamin Harrison(23rd)
5'6" 168cm
President James Madison
 45. James Madison(4th)
5'4" 163cm
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