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From Richest to Poorest, List of Presidents by Net Worth When They Were Children

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  • Donald Trump (45th) is the richest president, followed by John Kennedy(35th)(Credit: 24/7 Wall St. article.)
  • The 1st president George Washington was the 3rd wealthest.
  • The poorest president was Harry Truman(33rd), then folllowed by Calvin Coolidge(30th).
  • Abraham Lincoln(16th) was among the 9 poorest US presidents with a net worth less than $1 million.
  • Truman's net worth was considerably less than $1 million. His financial situation contributed to the doubling of the presidential salary to $100,000 in 1949.
  • The annual presidential salary has set to $400,000 since 2001.
  • Click bar chart Net Worth below for details.
List of Presidents by Net Worth
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President Donald Trump
Credit: facebook
 1  Donald Trump(45th)
3,200 Millions
President John F. Kennedy
 2  John F. Kennedy(35th)
1,100 Millions
President George Washington
 3  George Washington(1st)
594 Millions
President Thomas Jefferson
 4. Thomas Jefferson(3rd)
240 Millions
President Theodore Roosevelt
 5. Theodore Roosevelt(26th)
141 Millions
President Barack Obama
Credit: Obama for America
 6. Barack Obama(44th)
135 Millions
President Andrew Jackson
Credit: Portrait of a boy by Jacob Marling -
 7. Andrew Jackson(7th)
134 Millions
President James Madison
Credit: Photographed By Devry Becker Jones, May 12, 2019
 8. James Madison(4th)
115 Millions
President Lyndon B. Johnson
 9. Lyndon B. Johnson(36th)
111 Millions
President Herbert Hoover
 10. Herbert Hoover(31st)
84 Millions
President Bill Clinton
Credit: William J. Clinton Presidential Library
 11. Bill Clinton(42nd)
77 Millions
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Credit: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
 12. Franklin D. Roosevelt(32nd)
68 Millions
President John Tyler
Credit: wikipedia
 13. John Tyler(10th)
58 Millions
President George W. Bush
 14. George W. Bush(43rd)
40 Millions
President James Monroe
 15. James Monroe(5th)
31 Millions
President Martin Van Buren
Credit: wikipedia
 16. Martin Van Buren(8th)
30 Millions
President Grover Cleveland
 17. Grover Cleveland(24th)
29 Millions
President George H. W. Bush
Credit: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
 18. George H. W. Bush(41st)
27 Millions
President John Quincy Adams
Credit: wikimedia
 19. John Quincy Adams(6th)
24 Millions
President John Adams
 20. John Adams(2nd)
22 Millions
President Richard Nixon
 21. Richard Nixon(37th)
17 Millions
President Ronald Reagan
Credit: AP Photo;
 22. Ronald Reagan(40th)
14 Millions
President James K. Polk
Credit: wikipedia
 23. James K. Polk(11th)
11 Millions
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Credit: The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Archives
 24. Dwight D. Eisenhower(34th)
9 Millions
President Joe Biden
Credit: Wikipedia
 25. Joe Biden(46th)
9 Millions
President Gerald Ford
 26. Gerald Ford(38th)
8 Millions
President Jimmy Carter
Credit: Bettmann; GETTY IMAGES
 27. Jimmy Carter(39th)
8 Millions
President Zachary Taylor
Credit: Adam Hubka -
 28. Zachary Taylor(12th)
7 Millions
President William Henry Harrison
Credit: google street view
 29. William Henry Harrison(9th)
6 Millions
President Benjamin Harrison
Credit: POTUS historical sites -
 30. Benjamin Harrison(23rd)
6 Millions
President Millard Fillmore
Credit: wikipedia
 31. Millard Fillmore(13th)
4 Millions
President Rutherford B. Hayes
Credit: wikipedia
 32. Rutherford B. Hayes(19th)
3 Millions
President William Howard Taft
Credit: NPS Photo
 33. William Howard Taft(27th)
3 Millions
President Franklin Pierce
 34. Franklin Pierce(14th)
2 Millions
President William McKinley
 35. William McKinley(25th)
1 Millions
President Warren G. Harding
 36. Warren G. Harding(29th)
1 Millions
President James Buchanan
 37. James Buchanan(15th)
< $1 Million
President Abraham Lincoln
Credit: the Abraham Lincoln Museum
 38. Abraham Lincoln(16th)
< $1 Million
President Andrew Johnson
Credit: wikipedia
 39. Andrew Johnson(17th)
< $1 Million
President Ulysses S. Grant
Credit: wikipedia
 40. Ulysses S. Grant(18th)
< $1 Million
President James A. Garfield
Credit: wikipedia
 41. James A. Garfield(20th)
< $1 Million
President Chester A. Arthur
 42. Chester A. Arthur(21st)
< $1 Million
President Woodrow Wilson
 43. Woodrow Wilson(28th)
< $1 Million
President Calvin Coolidge
 44. Calvin Coolidge(30th)
< $1 Million
President Harry S. Truman
 45. Harry S. Truman(33rd)
< $1 Million
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