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List of Presidents, Firstladies and Vice Presidents
President Lyndon B. Johnson
 1  Lyndon B. Johnson(36th)
Teacher, Military officer, rancher
President Andrew Johnson
 2  Andrew Johnson(17th)
Tailor, Orator
President Thomas Jefferson
 3  Thomas Jefferson(3rd)
Planter, Lawyer, Land surveyor, Architect
President James Monroe
 4. James Monroe(5th)
Planter, Lawyer
President George Washington
 5. George Washington(1st)
Planter, Land surveyor
President James Madison
 6. James Madison(4th)
President James A. Garfield
 7. James A. Garfield(20th)
Ordained minister, Lawyer, Teacher
President Herbert Hoover
 8. Herbert Hoover(31st)
Mining engineer
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
 9. Dwight D. Eisenhower(34th)
Military officer, University president
President William Henry Harrison
 10. William Henry Harrison(9th)
President Zachary Taylor
 11. Zachary Taylor(12th)
President Ulysses S. Grant
 12. Ulysses S. Grant(18th)
President Chester A. Arthur
 13. Chester A. Arthur(21st)
Lawyer, Teacher, Tariff collector
President Bill Clinton
 14. Bill Clinton(42nd)
Lawyer, Teacher
President Barack Obama
 15. Barack Obama(44th)
Lawyer, Teacher
President James K. Polk
 16. James K. Polk(11th)
Lawyer, Planter
President Richard Nixon
 17. Richard Nixon(37th)
Lawyer, Naval officer
President Andrew Jackson
 18. Andrew Jackson(7th)
Lawyer, Military officer
President Abraham Lincoln
 19. Abraham Lincoln(16th)
Lawyer, Land surveyor
President John Adams
 20. John Adams(2nd)
Lawyer, Farmer
President William Howard Taft
 21. William Howard Taft(27th)
Lawyer, Dean
President Joe Biden
 22. Joe Biden(46th)
Lawyer, Author, Politician
President John Quincy Adams
 23. John Quincy Adams(6th)
President Martin Van Buren
 24. Martin Van Buren(8th)
President John Tyler
 25. John Tyler(10th)
President Millard Fillmore
 26. Millard Fillmore(13th)
President Franklin Pierce
 27. Franklin Pierce(14th)
President James Buchanan
 28. James Buchanan(15th)
President Rutherford B. Hayes
 29. Rutherford B. Hayes(19th)
President Grover Cleveland
 30. Grover Cleveland(24th)
President William McKinley
 31. William McKinley(25th)
President Calvin Coolidge
 32. Calvin Coolidge(30th)
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
 33. Franklin D. Roosevelt(32nd)
President Gerald Ford
 34. Gerald Ford(38th)
President Warren G. Harding
 35. Warren G. Harding(29th)
Journalist, Publisher
President John F. Kennedy
 36. John F. Kennedy(35th)
Journalist, Military officer
President Theodore Roosevelt
 37. Theodore Roosevelt(26th)
Historian, Public servant, Naturalist, Military officer, Policeman, Rancher
President Jimmy Carter
 38. Jimmy Carter(39th)
Farmer, Naval officer
President Benjamin Harrison
 39. Benjamin Harrison(23rd)
Court Reporter
President Donald Trump
 40. Donald Trump(45th)
Businessman, Real estate developer, Reality television personality
President George H. W. Bush
 41. George H. W. Bush(41st)
Businessman, Naval Aviator
President Harry S. Truman
 42. Harry S. Truman(33rd)
Businessman, Farmer
President George W. Bush
 43. George W. Bush(43rd)
Businessman, Air National Guard Pilot
President Ronald Reagan
 44. Ronald Reagan(40th)
Actor, Screen Actors Guild President
President Woodrow Wilson
 45. Woodrow Wilson(28th)
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