John C. Calhoun The 7th Vice President of USA

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7th  (Mar 04, 1825 - Dec 28, 1832)
Age at start:  42 years 11 months 18 days
Age:  68 years 14 days
Height: 0'0", 0 cm
Born: Mar 18, 1782
Born place: Abbeville, South Carolina
Net worth: < $1 Million
Death date:  March 31, 1850
Lawyer, Diplomat
Yale College Litchfield Law School

John Caldwell Calhoun (March 18, 1782 - March 31, 1850) was an American statesman and political theorist from South Carolina who served in many important positions including as the seventh vice president of the United States from 1825 to 1832. He is remembered for strongly defending slavery and for advancing the concept of minority states' rights in politics. He did this in the context of protecting the interests of the white South when its residents were outnumbered by Northerners. He began his political career as a nationalist, modernizer, and proponent of a strong national government and protective tariffs. In the late 1820s, his views changed radically, and he became a leading proponent of states' rights, limited government, nullification, and opposition to high tariffs. He saw Northern acceptance of those policies as a condition of the South remaining in the Union. His beliefs and warnings heavily influenced the South's secession from the Union in 1860-1861. ... read more on
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