Thomas R. Marshall The 28th Vice President of USA

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28th  (Mar 04, 1913 - Mar 04, 1921)
Age at start:  58 years 11 months 22 days
Age:  71 years 2 months 19 days
Height: 0'0", 0 cm
Born: Mar 14, 1854
Born place: North Manchester, Indiana
Net worth: < $1 Million
Death date:  June 1, 1925
Lawyer, Writer
Wabash College (BA)

Thomas Riley Marshall (March 14, 1854 - June 1, 1925) was an American politician who served as the 28th vice president of the United States from 1913 to 1921 under President Woodrow Wilson. A prominent lawyer in Indiana, he became an active and well known member of the Democratic Party by stumping across the state for other candidates and organizing party rallies that later helped him win election as the 27th governor of Indiana. In office, he proposed controversial changes to the Constitution of Indiana; the state courts blocked his attempts. Marshall's popularity as Indiana governor, and the state's status as a critical swing state, helped him secure the Democratic vice presidential nomination on a ticket with Wilson in 1912 and win the subsequent general election. An ideological rift developed between the two men during their first term, leading Wilson to limit Marshall's influence in the administration, and his brand of humor caused Wilson to move Marshall's office away from the White House. During Marshall's second term he delivered morale-boosting speeches across the nation during World War I and became the first U.S. vice president to hold cabinet meetings, which he did while Wilson was in Europe. As he was president of the United States Senate, a small number of anti-war Senators kept it deadlocked by refusing to end debate. To enable critical wartime legislation to be passed, Marshall had the body adopt its first procedural rule allowing filibusters to be ended by a two-thirds majority vote?a variation of this rule remains in effect. ... read more on
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