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    Most common vice presidential

  • The most common birth month of vice presidents is October(6).
  • The list common birth month for vice presidents is September. Only vice president Thomas Hendricks(21st) was born in September.
  • The list common birth month for the presidents is alsoSeptember. Only president William H. Taft was born in September.
  • There are 3 vice presidents born in Februrary.
Dan Quayle
 1. Dan Quayle(44th)
  (41st George H. W. Bush)
Feb 04, 1947
Henry Wilson
 2. Henry Wilson(18th)
  (18th Ulysses S. Grant)
Feb 16, 1812
Aaron Burr
 3. Aaron Burr(3rd)
  (3rd Thomas Jefferson)
Feb 06, 1756
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