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  • The most common birth month of vice presidents is October(6).
  • The list common birth month for vice presidents is September. Only vice president Thomas Hendricks(21st) was born in September.
  • The list common birth month for the presidents is alsoSeptember. Only president William H. Taft was born in September.
  • There are 6 vice presidents born in July.
Gerald Ford
 1. Gerald Ford(40th)
  (37th Richard Nixon)
Jul 14, 1913
Nelson Rockefeller
 2. Nelson Rockefeller(41st)
  (38th Gerald Ford)
Jul 08, 1908
Calvin Coolidge
 3. Calvin Coolidge(29th)
  (29th Warren G. Harding)
Jul 04, 1872
George M. Dallas
 4. George Dallas(11th)
  (11th James K. Polk)
Jul 10, 1792
Elbridge Gerry
 5. Elbridge Gerry(5th)
  (4th James Madison)
Jul 17, 1744
George Clinton
 6. George Clinton(4th)
  (3rd,4th Thomas Jefferson,James Madison)
Jul 26, 1739
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