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  • The most common birth month of vice presidents is October(6).
  • The list common birth month for vice presidents is September. Only vice president Thomas Hendricks(21st) was born in September.
  • The list common birth month for the presidents is alsoSeptember. Only president William H. Taft was born in September.
  • There are 8 vice presidents born in October.
Kamala Harris
 1. Kamala Harris(49th)
  (46th Joe Biden)
Oct 20, 1964
Henry A. Wallace
 2. Henry Wallace(33rd)
  (32nd Franklin D. Roosevelt)
Oct 07, 1888
Theodore Roosevelt
 3. Theodore Roosevelt(25th)
  (25th William McKinley)
Oct 27, 1858
James S. Sherman
 4. James Sherman(27th)
  (27th William Howard Taft)
Oct 24, 1855
Adlai Stevenson-I
 5. Adlai Stevenson-I(23rd)
  (24th Grover Cleveland)
Oct 23, 1835
Chester A. Arthur
 6. Chester Arthur(20th)
  (20th James A. Garfield)
Oct 05, 1829
Richard Mentor Johnson
 7. Richard Johnson(9th)
  (8th Martin Van Buren)
Oct 17, 1780
John Adams
 8. John Adams(1st)
  (1st George Washington)
Oct 30, 1735
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